Friday, April 30, 2010

Call Your Public Official about Younus Abullah Muhammad and Yousef Al-Khattab!

Have you called a public official (here) and

1. Asked him or her to prosecute Younus Abullah Muhammad and Yousef Al-Khattab for the recent death threats that made Comedy Central censor the South Park television show? And

2. Have you asked the public official to place an image of Muhammad in his/her office in solidarity with Comedy Central and the right to freedom of speech?

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Tell us

A. the date you called the official;

B. the person you called and the person you actually got to speak to (if the official was not available, remember to ask the name of the staff person who takes your call and speaks with you);

C. whether you communicated messages #1 and #2 above.

When you call, I would avoid trying to teach the official about Islam; politely and concisely deliver messages #1 and #2 above.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jihad Awareness Project

Are you interested in participating in the Jihad Awareness Project (to mail Spencer's new book to the U.S. Senate and Congress) that I've mentioned in the comments threads at Jihadwatch.com and other sites? If you are, send an email to me at traehnam[at]yahoo.com under the subject heading "Senate", and in the email tell me what state your senator represents, an email address where I can reach you, and a nickname. No need for your real name. And I'll never share your email address with anyone, not even with other volunteers on this project.

Once we have volunteers to cover all 100 senators (and many representatives), we can coordinate our timing so we all mail Robert Spencer's new book to Congress simultaneously.

You can volunteer even if we already have two volunteers for your state, because then we can begin to cover not only the Senate, but the House of Representatives also. For example, we currently have eight volunteers from Florida. The more the merrier.

To easily find the names and addresses of your congresspersons, click on this link.

By the way, a volunteer from the state of Indiana was able to sign up to send a book because of generous help from Gabrielle, of Australia. Thank you, Gabrielle!

And another volunteer from Florida will have the book in time to send because of the generosity of Ian, also from Australia. Thank you Ian! Way to go Australia!

And Ken, of Texas, is not only participating himself, but has also made it possible for a worthy college student to join us. Thanks Ken!

And a foreigner whose nation shall remain unnamed has been very generous in donating two copies of the DVD: "Islam: What the West Needs To Know," so that two budget-strapped volunteers will be able to include it with the book. Thank you JK!!! (Many volunteers will be including that powerful DVD in their packages to Congress.)

Here's the current list of sign-ups as of 3:30 PM, Saturday, October 27.

1. Richard/Florida       2. Brian/S.Carolina
3. Chris/Missouri 4. Jake/Oregon
5. Jan/Pennsylvania 6. Frank/California
7. Maya/California 8. Anthony/New York
9. Traeh/New York 10.Lane/Virginia
11.Tim/Virginia 12.Lisa/Minnesota
13.Taylor/Kentucky 14.JR/Texas
15.Cindy/Florida 16.Caroline/N.Carolina
17.Kevin/Alaska 18.Chuck/Florida
19.Mo/Illinois 20.Ken/Arizona
21.Derbydaze/Texas 22.Miss_Anthrope/Virginia
23.Cassandra/California 24.Sydney/Maryland
25.Bern/Pennsylvania 26.Bob/California
27.Clayton/Indiana 28.Elizabeth/Florida
29.Dar Al-Harb/Illinois 30.Dorothy/N.Carolina
31.Rod/New Hampshire 32.Beth/California
33.Mac/Maryland 34.Stendec/Arkansas
35.atheling/Washngtn.St. 36.Eric/Florida
37.butterfly/Texas 38.timmyosmith/Wisconsin
39.Wendy/Florida 40.Todd/Colorado
41.Nate/Idaho 42.Paula/Nevada
43.RVWinkle/N.Carolina 44.Heidi/Massachusetts
45.Mary Beth/Virginia 46.SororRRA/California
47.Margy/New Mexico 48.Ernie/Georgia
49.Karla/Florida 50.Joseph/New York
51.Lee/Iowa 52.Kate/Maine
53.Islamosavant/New York 54.Lyone/Ohio
55.Ken/Tennessee 56.Pat/New Jersey
57.Andrew/New York 58.Larry/Missouri
59.NathanBrazil/Nebraska 60.Smoke/N.Carolina
61.Darth Vader/Colorado 62.Peg/Rhode Island
63.Linda/Indiana 64.TexasMom/Texas
65.Pat/New Hampshire 66.Docgary/New Jersey
67.Christy/Michigan 68.Nyssa/Oregon
69.Terise/Florida 70.Anyhoo/Alabama
71.Mott/North Carolina 72.Brad/Illinois
73.Rick/Texas 74.Kaelin77/California
75.John/North Carolina 76.GG/Utah
77.Ms.AnthCous/Oklahoma 78.CA/Pennsylvania
79.John/Louisiana 80.LB/Texas
81.GM/Pennsylvania 82.aitusa/Nevada
83.Russ/Alaska 84.Katherine/Texas
85.Ally/Ohio 86.Lou/Ohio
87.Daniel/New York 88.Dennis/Kansas
89.NxNW/Washington St. 90.Annie/Hawaii
91.Susan/Georgia 92.Susan/Wyoming
93.Blue/Oklahoma 94.Zack/Missouri
95.ChristyFrnd/Michigan 96.Blitz/Massachusetts
97.Mac/New Jersey 98.Bob/Massachusetts
99.Claire/New York 100.Bob'sWife/Mass.
101.JoeSchmoe/New York 102.Ken/Texas
103.Drew/California 104.Kathleen/Montana
105.Diane/Virginia 106.Chris/Tennessee
109.Paul/Arizona 110.Zee/Ohio
111.Peter/New Mexico 112.Geoffrey/West Virginia
113.Michael/Mississippi 114.Eric/Arkansas

Earlier I had people leaving their email addresses in the public comments thread for this post, but one commenter to whom I'm thankful pointed out that wasn't optimal from a privacy standpoint. So that's why I'm now asking people to email me at traehnam[at]yahoo.com instead. I've now deleted any public comments that contained email addresses. To those of you whose comments were deleted: I did record in a "secure, undisclosed location" your email addresses and other data, so you need not send them to me again.

Another commenter to whom I'm thankful suggested I should reassure potential volunteers that I will never send out a group email reply unless I'm certain I can do that without revealing the roster of email addresses to the group. So let me be clear: if you get an email reply from me, the only email address you'll see will be mine. The only way other volunteers on this project will know your email address is if you give it to them.

Thanks, all.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Below: The plan for the Flight 93 memorial in Somerset, PA surreptitiously turns the memorial into a giant mosque. Hero Tom Burnett's father denounces it. Check out http://errortheory.blogspot.com/2007/08/tom-burnett-sr-denounces-flight-93.html

From an Al Jazeera ad: Christian fish and Muslim shark