Sunday, August 12, 2007


Below: The plan for the Flight 93 memorial in Somerset, PA surreptitiously turns the memorial into a giant mosque. Hero Tom Burnett's father denounces it. Check out http://errortheory.blogspot.com/2007/08/tom-burnett-sr-denounces-flight-93.html

From an Al Jazeera ad: Christian fish and Muslim shark


Mo said...

I just found your site via Jihad Watch. Will check it out when I don't have to run to work!

Traeh A. Lewis said...

Great. Hope you'll join the Senate Project.

Anonymous said...

Pretty bad photoshop work by those moslem 'sharks'.

Anonymous said...

Hey Traeh, I am a non-muslim who is not an American citizen but who works in the USA. Is there any way for people like me to contribute to your noble cause?

Traeh A. Lewis said...

Hi anonymous (the anonymous asking about contributing to this cause.)

Yes, you can certainly join us. Please email me when you have a chance, at traehnam@yahoo.com, and then I'll tell you a couple of options, and you decide if either option works for you. I'm glad you are considering joining us!

JihadSpinAdmin said...

Hi, I run the Jihad Spin site and would like to join up for Nebraska. I would also like you to know that it would be a great idea to send them the book "The Al Qaeda Reader" by Raymond Ibrahim. I just finished reading it and talk about right from the babes mouth. This book is what the terrorists like UBL have written and said that is not in the public domain as of yet.

Traeh A. Lewis said...

Hi Jihad Spin!

I just saw your site newly listed at the Anti-Jihad Federation site.

I recently purchased the Al Qaeda Reader. I've so far read Bin Laden's theological piece at the beginning. Chilling.

Raymond Ibrahim is something. Yes, it would be very good to send that book to Congress too.

My current thought is that this project will probably do best if we have everyone send the same book -- which at this point means the Spencer's book simply because that's the one all the volunteers have signed up for. No doubt a good argument could be made against the strategy of everyone mailing the same book. It's just that with more than 80 volunteers now involved, there is a certain risk of centrifigul forces getting out of hand and everyone doing his own thing so the unified impact of the project is dissipated.

That said, if you want to join this project but strongly prefer to send the Al Qaeda Reader instead of Spencer's book, that would still be wonderful. The more the merrier!

I'm glad you are joining for Nebraska.

Could you send me an email at traehnam@yahoo.com? That way when this project finally sets a date for all the volunteers to mail out the book simultaneously, I can email you back and let you know the date.
Best regards, Traeh

Traeh A. Lewis said...

I forgot to say, Jihad Spin -- I haven't visited your site yet -- I just saw it in a short list of links. But now I certainly will visit it.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see members of the Roman Catholic clergy (like my own priest and bishop) read Spencer's books too. They don't get it either. They had a conference this past summer and one of the topics was how Jesus and Muhammad are alike.

This is a great idea of yours. I will be contacting you by email to help.

Traeh A. Lewis said...

Hi anonymous,
Sounds great. I look forward to getting your email. traehnam@yahoo.com